It’s Off to Burnett We Go

At Leo Burnett’s rocking Halloween party last week, the agency’s senior U.S. managers joined the festivities by dressing up as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. All was well and good for chief creative officer Cheryl Berman and president Bob Brennan, who were Ms. White and Prince Charming. But pity the dwarfs. Deputy chief creative officer Mark Tutssel was deemed Grumpy, while planning director Rick Houghton-Larsen drew the short straw to be Dopey.

The others were more curious. Director of broad cast production Jonathan Davis, who is anything but shy, dressed as Bashful, while chief financial officer Eric Martinez, who may know more than he lets on about the sale to Publicis, was Happy. Human resources director Lander Brown got into the role of Sleepy by missing the party (probably to take a nap).

“I really got into it,” Davis says. “I got to be quiet for once.”

Davis says he spent the day singing to his staff, “Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work you go!” “One or two people asked if I was a Keebler elf,” he adds.

Jim Jenell, an art supervisor who is wheelchair-bound, won the costume contest by dressing as a Zamboni. Other costumes included a woman dressed as Carrie from the Stephen King book (prom dress and fake blood) and a nun covered in advertising and wearing a minibar. Get it? Best adver tising bar none (Burnett’s unofficial motto).