Witherspoon & Associates launches the fourth phase of an ongoing branding campaign for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this week.

The Fort Worth, Texas, shop has created several print, outdoor and radio ads for the daily newspaper.

The campaign uses two separate images and a “What it means to you” tagline to create visual puns. One of the outdoor ads shows a bull and a bear on one side and a grocery cart on the other with the statement, “What the market means to you.”

“We aim to show readers how news impacts them [whether it’s] a bill in Congress [or] a weather pattern in the Northeast,” said Diane Wigger, creative director at the Star-Telegram.

Print and radio work features local celebrities such as Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and rodeo commentator Pam Minick.

“Part of what sets the Star-Telegram apart from other information sources is its ability to make information relevant to people in the Metroplex,” said Carol Glover, creative director at Witherspoon.

The campaign, aimed at the 35-plus age demo in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, will run through November. Media expenditures are put at $500,000.