The scuba-diving, disco-dancing George Washington–who helped introduce The Dan Rosenthal Co.’s $40 million advertising campaign for the U.S. Mint’s new Golden Dollar–is back.
The icon offers corny puns (“changing the face of money”), attends book club meetings, and assures his fans that losing the face-on-the-coin gig is, well, cool with him (“I know what you’re thinking. Why isn’t George on it?”).
The Bethesda, Md., agency had to find a way to raise the volume the second time around, so it tried harder.
The new 30-second television spot has fitness George leading an aerobics class, a sensitive George amid book worms and Astronaut George floating in space, announcing, “Houston, we have dollar.”
It all happens in a blur of jump cuts, shot by MTV veteran Bob Giraldi, that register just above the subliminal level.
George himself sums up things nicely: “Hey, change happens.”
–Vince Coppol