Georgia native and music legend Ray Charles sat down behind a studio microphone last week, starring in a series of television and radio commercials for the Georgia Lottery.
Created by Atlanta’s Austin Kelley Advertising, the new campaign’s objective is to increase awareness of the lottery’s $3.3 billion contribution to the state’s educational system since 1993.
Charles completed three 30-second TV ads and one 60-second radio spot in a single day while in Atlanta.
“I can’t believe that if a kid studies hard enough, the lottery will help pay for his college,” Charles said. “That’s pretty cool.”
It was also pretty cool for agency executive creative director Jim Spruell, a part-time musician who got to talk with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer.
“It’s great when your hero also turns out to be a real sweetheart,” Spruell said. “It was beautiful.” –T.W. Sieber