It Takes an iVillage to Reenergize Yahoo Telemundo

NEW YORK While Telemundo has long provided Latinas with original and relevant information on its Web site, finding relevant online destinations for Hispanic women in general can be a chore.

But with the launch Oct. 22 of Mujer de Hoy, an exclusive Spanish-language site dedicated to Latinas on the Yahoo Telemundo portal, the Hispanic network is addressing that issue by adding onto its catalog of original programming and online-produced content for women a content partnership with iVillage, which also is owned by NBC Universal.

For the first time, the Yahoo Telemundo Web channel will feature translated articles from iVillage with a button on each site promoting the two portals, as well as increased video streaming from popular Telemundo shows such as morning program Cada Día and evening broadcast Al Rojo Vivo. Telemundo editors and on-air talent will make the “transcreations” as relevant as possible for the site’s visitors.

Peter Blacker, senior vp of digital media for Telemundo, says telenovela ad clients were eager to form a more personal bond with loyal female viewers. “‘We want to get closer to our female consumer,'” Blacker says was the common refrain. “‘We think you have the products to do it, would you ever consider doing more?'”

Enter Beth Comstock, president of integrated media at NBC Universal, who suggested bridging the gap between Telemundo and iVillage with shared content and a multiplatform launching point for marketers that want to better connect with consumers. The Mujer de Hoy Web channel will consist of Tu Vida (Your Life), Astrology, Beauty and Style, Cooking, Home and Garden, and Love and Sex, a near-replica of iVillage’s site offerings.

Linda Boff, chief marketing officer for iVillage Properties, explains that iVillage’s 18.8 million ethnically diverse unique visitors in September can only help drive more traffic to Yahoo Telemundo, which already counts 13 million Latinos out of the 16.5 million U.S. Hispanics online through the Yahoo Network.

“We’re thrilled about something that we feel has value and to work with a sister company to reach a new audience [by] providing content that they couldn’t get otherwise,” says Boff.

Dodge has signed on for the launch of Mujer de Hoy. And a wider net will likely be cast for ad clients eager to reach female Hispanics with NBC Universal’s recent acquisition of the Oxygen Network.

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