In an ad seen on ESPN last week in Colorado, two prostitutes hit on a couple of guys in a car.
“Oh, sure,” says the voiceover, “this transaction looks innocent enough. But the truth is, these advertising executives plan to bill their client for these young ladies’ services.”
Now onscreen, the voiceover guy says, “But TDA Advertising & Design is different We never bill our prostitutes to your account.”
What were the folks at TDA thinking?
“[My partner (copywriter Eric Leibhauser) and I] joked about the boondoggling that occurs at big agencies, all the money spent on weird stuff,” said Jonathan Schoenberg, creative director at the Boulder, Colo., shop.
The agency ran the “hooker” concept by its clients “to see if they took offense,” said Schoenberg. None did.
Shot in New York’s meatpacking district, the spot will air on ESPN in Denver for the next two weeks. If things go well, the shop will buy airtime in San Francisco and New York.
“We see it as both a branding and new-business spot,” Schoenberg said. “We’re hoping to get some phone calls.”