It may not provide the usual inside view of the advertising industry

It may not provide the usual inside view of the advertising industry.
But the new book by ad veterans Larry Bleidner and Peter Scott, The L&L Beancounter’s Catalog, may provide a good laugh at the expense of ordinary business life.
Bleidner and Scott, with a combined 35 years in the industry, wrote the parody of the L.L. Bean catalog– which features such funny products as “Groveler’s Knee Pads” and “The Executive Hangover Kit.”
The tome, published by Common Courage Press, Monroe, Maine, is being distributed this month to chain and independent bookstores, among other retailers. Some of the outlandish products are being sold online at
Bleidner spent part of his ad career writing promotional copy at ABC Television and as an advertising sales manager at Fortune magazine; Scott has worked on accounts at the former Saatchi & Saatchi Compton and Bozell, among other companies, before meeting Bleidner at Fortune.
“We’re celebrating the individual and individuality at the expense of the corporation,” said Scott, who appears with Bleidner on the cover.
Scott said a sequel is being considered, as well as a calendar.
–Simon Butle