It Happens In The Best Of Families

Earlier this year two Atlanta agencies–McCann-Erickson and Fitzgerald & Co.–merged operations under the Interpublic Group of Cos. aegis.
Separate from all the business issues of coming together are those pertaining to the staffers of both shops evolving into what the touchy-feely pop psychologists call “a blended family.”
To help create that workforce, the agencies published a directory that included a photograph and autobiographical data for each employee.
If that sounds like a dry exercise, consider that more than a handful had their picture taken wearing a cheesy blonde wig. And the bio portion was not always a sterling summary. For example:
“I ate an entire box of 64 crayons when I was 2 years old.
Maybe that explains it.”–Kathy Cahill
“Things I love: Cubicles. Public transportation. Cheerleading. Visits to my parole officer. Gin.”–Catherine Louy
“I drink beer. I have the eating habits of a third grader.”–Rick Parker
If that resembles “a blended family,” they may need some group therapy. –Jim Osterman