Irma S. Mann Makes Cuts

BOSTON–Irma S. Mann, Strategic Marketing yesterday trimmed 10 people from its staff, citing a slowdown in client spending. The cuts amount to about 15 percent of its staff across the board. ISM now employs 60 people.

“We’re in the travel category and people right now are being cautious and delaying trips,” said Gary Leopold, president of the Boston-based independent agency. “Our hope is that business will rebound quickly and then we hope to rehire some employees or work with them on a freelance basis,” said Leopold.

Leopold would not say which clients have cut back.

Travel-related clients of ISM include the Islands of the Bahamas tourism board, as well as the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Massachusetts Port Authority. The latter, best known as Massport, has come under fire in the local and national media for its management of Logan International Airport. The jetliners that crashed into the New York’s World Trade Center originated from Logan.