IQ News: Zkey Expands Services To Wireless Products brings its suite of Web-based personal productivity tools to users of wireless devices, the Los Angeles-based division of SDN Online announced today. Services including a self-updating address book, e-mail and a sharable calendar with different levels of access are now available via the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).
“[We want] to sever the somewhat unwieldy link between the [device] with which you access your information and the information itself,” said president and CEO Nick Zesai.
Launched in April as Zcentral, the company was renamed in October to reflect the importance of the Zkey itself, a password used to access a protected personal mini-site on that stores as much or as little information as users want for retrieval by themselves or others. More important, users can control access to information on a field-by-field basis, so that a couple could show each other their entire calendars, but let a pesky friend see only their office phone numbers.
On Feb. 15, plans to extend its service to the most widely used information appliance of all–the telephone. Through a partnership with AT&T, users will be able to access data using the phone, paying the same per-call fee that they do to make a 411 call; revenue will be split.
“As we roll out new features and the ability to access across new platforms and devices,” said president and co-founder Jay Ubari, “this will become the ubiquitous method for exchanging information.”