IQ News: Veon and Excite Home Forge Broadband Pact

Extending its reach into the burgeoning rich-media advertising space, broadband technology solutions provider Veon today inked a distribution agreement with broadband media company Excite Home.
Veon’s VeonPlayer will be integrated into the new version of Home’s client software, enabling Excite Home subscribers to view and interact with rich-media ads. Additionally, Redwood City, Calif.-based Excite Home has agreed to co-market the Veon solution to advertisers and content creators. (Advertising partners will be named in the near future.)
Today’s deal marks the first distribution and marketing deal for Veon with a broadband provider. Joanna Shields, CEO of San Francisco-based Veon, said agreements with other broadband providers will follow.
Advertisers still face limitations in today’s Web environment, said Shields. “It’s very difficult to play a full commercial with interactive links, based on the limitations of bandwidth and the limitations of various video players that are out there in the narrowband world. Working with Veon on the Home system, they’ll be able to deliver a full-screen, full-motion video ad with interactive links. It’s much more of the television model.”
With Veon’s technology, advertisers and content creators can execute interactive video programming for broadband, enabling multiple avenues for video and e-commerce transactions without leaving originating sites. Veon also offers tracking and measuring tools. Said Shields: “Everything that the user clicks on, we can log, and be able to deliver to advertisers powerful information about what works and what doesn’t work.”