IQ News: Users “GetGooey” With

Ad-Supported Chat Tool
Forget stickiness. Web communication just got Gooey. Beginning today, consumers can download a chat and instant messaging application at which works in conjunction with Web browsers and lets Netizens chat while they visit the same Web sites.
Because the Gooey chat client is not tied to a specific site, users can “surf above the entire Web” in a process described as meta-surfing, according to Shai Adler, co-CEO of Hypernix, makers of Gooey.
Gooey features a text-based chat box that lets multiple users talk simultaneously. Additionally, users can conduct private one-on-one chats via an instant messaging window. A “Nicks” list, similar to America Online’s Buddy List, shows the nicknames of other users online, and a function called “Hitwave” indicates the top 20 sites being visited by Gooey users. Because the information is relayed in real time, the Hitwave window is updated dynamically.
Gooey is the first product from Tel Aviv-based Hypernix, which is aiming to open a New York office in the future. The product will be available for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT at launch, with Mac and Unix versions expected to roll out later this year.
The freeware will be supported by future advertising and partnerships to increase distribution. A window on the Gooey toolbar can accommodate Flash animations and rich media advertising.
Adler said Web site proprietors will like Gooey’s stickiness. “It’s like going from party to party,” he said. ¡