IQ News: Trade Ads Kick Off Campaign

DDB Worldwide is poised to launch its first major offline effort for, a pay-for-position search engine hoping to lure more advertisers to sign up for its service. The trade effort, running the tagline “Search made simple,” precedes a multi-media consumer effort breaking in the fourth quarter. It has not been determined if that tagline will be used in the consumer effort as well. has some 15,000 advertisers who bid for ranking. The more a company pays per click-through, the higher it is listed in the search results.
A print campaign began rolling out last week in various business publications, including Fortune and Business Week. Ads are splashed with’s yellow and green colors. One execution features Santa’s legs popping out of a chimney. The copy reads: “There’s a better way to reach your Web customers during the biggest e-holiday season ever.”
“ is all about letting the little guys play with the big guys,” said Stephanie Sarka, senior vice president of marketing for Pasadena, Calif.-based Ads try to strike an emotional chord, says Sarka, letting small sites know they can still look big online.
Concurrent online efforts are being handled in-house by–Sloane Luca