IQ News: TEN Challenges Big Players

Online game site Total Entertainment Network (TEN), San Francisco, announced today that it has established distribution relationships with seven portal sites, including Alta Vista Search Service, CNet (excluding Snap), Excite (including Web Crawler), GeoCities, Infoseek, Netscape and Prodigy. The relationships, which call for TEN to create branded gaming areas on the sites, have already launched on Excite, GeoCities, Netscape and Prodigy.
The gaming area launches on CNet this week, and TEN is also expected to be part of the public beta version of Disney and Infoseek’s GO Network. The launch date of TEN’s relationship with Alta Vista is yet to be determined. Among the features of the TEN gaming areas are a stable of products including “TEN Classic Games,” online versions of vintage offline amusements such as Hearts, chess and checkers. In addition, TEN provides offerings such as rankings lists to participating portals. Ads are being sold by the TEN team.
These free gaming areas will not compete with TEN’s paid subscriber service, said company representative Garth Chouteau, who foresees some of the recreational games being added to the TEN
subscriber service. The distribution deals put TEN up against MSN and Yahoo!, which both have game centers. “If you look at the top 10 sites,” said Erick Hachenburg, president and CEO of TEN, “we believe we’re positioned as the provider to the rest of the big players. We have all the pieces in place to be a major player going forward.”
–Susan Kuchinskas