IQ News: Summit Spawns New Trade Group

Even before the curtain was raised on Procter & Gamble’s Future of Advertising Stakeholders Summit last week, it was announced that a committee would be formed aligning media companies, advertising agencies and advertisers to advance the initiatives that arose from the event.
Called the FAST Forward Steering Committee, the organization will focus on issues facing advertisers, their agencies and online publishers with regard to the future of Web advertising. Rich LeFurgy, chairman of the Internet Advertising Bureau, will hold the same post with FAST Forward. The committee will include representatives from three trade organizations: the IAB, the Coalition for Advertising Supported Information and Entertainment (CASIE) and the Advertising Research Foundation. It will also include the CASIE representatives that serve with the Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies, plus two undetermined representatives from technology companies.
“It’s really the first time that the broad-based industry representatives are all going to be on the same steering committee … working arm in arm to implement the initiatives,” LeFurgy said. The group will form four task forces focused on creating consumer acceptance of online advertising; developing effective ad models; devising widely accepted measurement metrics; and making online media easier to buy and deliver.
Membership remains open, LeFurgy said, adding that committee members will report back to their organizations while representing their constituencies impartially. “We’ll check our agendas at the door,” he said. –Adrienne Man