IQ News: Shoppers Set Sights

On E-Commerce
In the offline world, women often are accused of being more interested in shopping than their Y chromosome counterparts. However, on the Internet, at least according to September’s gender composition of e-commerce sites from Media Metrix, it’s the guys who beat out the gals when it comes to transacting online. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that there simply are more men than women surfing the Web in general, but as the holiday shopping season quickly approaches, look for overall numbers to rise as e-shoppers flock to their favorite sites to avoid the real world crush at the mall. See y’all at e-commerce leader!–Kipp Cheng
Most Popular Shopping Sites by Region, September 1999
Pacific region
SITE unique visitors (000s) 2,138 1,767 1,508
CNet Software 803 765 733 598 521 423 402

south atlantic region
SITE unique visitors (000s) 1,867 1,636 1,467 859 748
CNet Software 682 625 624 544 436

Media Metrix defines unique visitors as the actual number of users who visited each Web site, without duplication, once in a given month. More than 50,000 individuals throughout the U.S. participate in the Media Metrix sample.