IQ News: Responsys Unveils Jumpstart Beta, a provider of online permission marketing for e-commerce companies, tomorrow will launch the beta version of Responsys Jumpstart, a hosted application for small- to mid-size businesses. The new application, which encapsulates the same underlying permission marketing engine as the Palo Alto, Calif. company’s flagship application, Responsys Interact, will allow businesses of all sizes to engage in affordable e-commerce marketing programs.
“With the introduction of Jumpstart, we are delivering the power of permission marketing to small- and mid-size companies, allowing many to truly engage in interactive e-commerce for the first time,” said Anand Jagannathan, president and CEO of “Our intuitive platform is designed to grow with a business and to quickly become an integral part and facilitator of their e-commerce infrastructure.”
Unlike predecessor Responsys Interact, which is targeted to e-commerce companies that carry lists of 20,000 or more names, simpler (and less expensive) Jumpstart does not integrate e-commerce capabilities into its service. leaves that responsibility to the e-commerce company itself or the portal that hosts the company.
Users of Jumpstart can sign up for the service on a per campaign basis, purchasing monthly block credits of 500, 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 e-mails. During the public beta period, businesses can send up to 500 free e-mail messages per month. On the other hand, users of Interact must contract with the company for a six- or 12-month period, paying for each campaign, which can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to more than $40,000.
Jumpstart offers template-based campaigns that require no layout, HTML experience or IT assistance to implement. With the application, users can perform online permission marketing functions such as driving Web site sign-up and registration; collecting demographic information; creating, sending and tracking targeted newsletters; sending targeted offers and promotions with clickthrough tracking; and offering recipients the ability to update their profile information using a link at the bottom of every message sent.
As a permission-based marketing platform, Jumpstart requires that users only send e-mail to individuals who have specifically agreed to receive their marketing information. Jumpstart includes a double opt-in feature in which individuals who have signed-on to a mailing list must confirm their request via e-mail before they are added to the list. n