IQ News: Research: Online Ads Aid New Brands Most

The Microsoft Network has released, exclusively to IQ, the results of proprietary research on the brand impact of online advertising. The unsurprising verdict: It helps.
Among other things, the study found that online advertising increased brand awareness by as much as 300 percent. Ad recall increased for nearly all campaigns, in some cases, “significantly.”
Although unaided brand recall was higher for established brands, an interesting finding was that impact on purchase intent tended to be higher for new brands. This is very good news for MSN’s sales reps, because it tells potential advertisers that the Web–or at least MSN–not only helps build recognition for new brands, but gets people to buy them.
The study, conducted by e-Valuations of Seattle, launched June 28 and will run through next year. MSN declined to name specific participants, but said there are 16 advertisers, including four technology advertisers, three automotive brands, three financial services, four consumer retailers and two entertainment entities.
Most of the multiple-creative ad campaigns were banners, but interstitials, larger-sized mid-page ads and sponsorship promotions were included.
Said Jim Kinsella, general manager for MSN sales and marketing, “Lots of folks are doing effectiveness studies, but [we’re] going hand in hand with the client saying: ‘Let’s just research it. If something works, let’s repeat it, if it’s not working let’s change it.’ ”