IQ News: Project Previews at YIL Film Fest

In an attempt to spark interest within the Net community, Quantum Project, a $3 million Internet-direct film, will debut its teaser offline during Tuesday night’s premier screening of the movie Time Code 2000 at the Yahoo! Internet Life Online Film Festival in Los Angeles.
Billed as the first film specifically produced for distribution in cyberspace, Project stars John Cleese, Stephen Dorff and Fay Masterson; Cleese, said Allen Haines, a partner at media marketer New Wave Entertainment (NWE), was a key addition to the cast as “the movie has a lot of twists and turns, which appeal to an older audience.”
Burbank, Calif.-based NWE will use the Internet as the main vehicle for advertising Quantum. Promoting and distributing the movie on the Internet provides new opportunities, said Haines.
“For the first time we have the ability to gauge what we’re doing instantly,” he noted. “I can target an audience and know exactly how effective the campaign is.”
The 45-minute film also will be marketed via radio spots and print. Net-only promos include streaming video, interactive downloads and electronic press kits. In addition, NWE has a film crew on the set chronicling events for the film’s Web site.
Directed by Academy Award winner Eugenio Zanetti and produced by Los Angeles-based Metafilmics, Quantum is scheduled to wrap principle photography on March 31, and premier May 5 on, the Mount Lebanon, Pa.-based distributor of online entertainment.
One question, of course, is whether online audiences will have the patience to watch it. Without a T-1 line, DSL or cable modem, downloading Quantum could be challenging. “Anything slower, and it could take overnight,” said Jennifer Pesci, marketing director for Sightsound.