IQ News: Paramount Launches “Titanic” Effort Online

Paramount Home Video this week is launching an online marketing initiative to both support the release of a Titanic Collector’s Edition gift set, available as of Oct. 5, and drum up interest in Titanic DVDs and videos for the holiday season. The video distribution unit of Paramount Pictures has enlisted the help of Luminant-owned interactive shop Brand Dialogue, New York to craft a series of banner campaigns targeting teen girls and women.
“One of the successes of Titanic among teen audiences was the fact that young girls saw the film 15 times in theaters, and most of them already own it on video,” said Michael Arkin, senior vice president of marketing, PHV. The challenge was to also spur interest in the Collector’s set, which includes a video of the 11-time Oscar-winning film, a framed film strip featuring a scene from the movie, a 24-page color photo album on the movie, and a keepsake box to store it in.
Focus groups had determined that girls often fantasized about what could have happened differently in the film. “We wanted to play into that,” explained Arkin.
To that end, banners will run on teen-focused sites,,,, and, among others. PHV has also bought key words on search engines such as Lycos, Yahoo! and Infoseek.
Users click through to a jump page off the site. Girls will be asked questions such as “Where do you think Jack [played by teen heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio] would have gone if he hadn’t won passage on the Titanic?” or “What if Jack and Rose [played by Kate Winslett] had made it back to America? What would have happened to them?”
Women-targeted banners on sites such as feature an animated version of the movie’s “Heart of the Ocean” necklace; users are driven to a jump page listing Titanic products as gift ideas. (For the past month, men have also been lured by an animated buoy banner on sites, such as CBS SportsLine and, that morphs into a DVD disk; they are sent to a jump page advertising DVDs.)
The online effort is one of only a handful of initiatives PHV has launched to experiment with new media as a marketing medium. “We’re somewhat of a new advertiser on the Internet,” explained Arkin. “But its becoming increasingly important.” None of the jump pages have e-commerce capability, nor will there be links to other e-tailers.
Online efforts complement a fourth-quarter TV and print push. Spots will run on network, syndication and cable in early morning, prime time and late-night parts. Print ads will run in Seventeen, Teen People, YM, People, Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, Premiere, Movieline, Woman’s Day and TV Guide.