IQ News: Old Home Week: Poppe Execs Found Consultancy

Despite the explosion in businesses to service the Internet marketing community, not all of its needs have yet been met.
At least that’s the belief of Primary Knowledge, a New York-based online marketing services startup that plans to track return on investment using the vast amounts of data that most advertisers and agencies collect. Peter Adams, formerly chief technology officer of Poppe Tyson and later vice president of strategic planning at the merged company Modem Media.Poppe Tyson, is the firm’s CEO, and Sherry Szydlik, former general manager of Poppe Tyson, New York, is serving as PK’s vice president of client services. The firm’s staff also includes several former executives of Chicago-based
Information Resources, a provider of marketing data.
The venture also has other support that links back to Poppe Tyson. Dave Carlick, the former Poppe Tyson principal and DoubleClick co-founder, is serving on the PK board. Carlick, who has kept a low-profile since the demise over a year ago of Power Agent, a proposed 1-to-1 marketing service for which he worked, is currently a partner at venture capital firm Vantage Point, San Bruno, Calif.
Adams got the idea for PK after seeing data from companies such as DoubleClick and AdKnowledge go unanalyzed by marketers. The major reason he cited is that related data often comes from disparate, hard-to-assimilate sources such as ad servers, log files and online registrations. However, he stressed that PK will be a complement rather than a competitor to such data providers. “We are creating our own niche that sits above all that,” he said. ƒ