IQ News: No Gamble: P&G Looking To Put More Brands Online

In the wake of its Future of Advertising Stakeholders Summit, Procter & Gamble, which commands the world’s largest marketing budget, is doing new online work for several brands.
Red Sky Interactive, San Francisco, has created banner work for P&G’s Hugo Boss fragrance. And Blue Marble, New York, has landed a total of eight new brands.
Following the FAST event, where Red Sky did its first work for P&G, the agency was hired to create banners for the Hugo Boss fragrance, which ran on and
Red Sky CEO Tim Smith said P&G has taken a “very investigative and almost speculative look at where we were and where we need to go,” including creating new ad models.
Blue Marble won online marketing assignments for Crest, Nyquil, Vicks, Chloraseptic, new mop product Swiffer, Sunny Delight, Charmin and Folgers.
Late last year, Giant Step, Chicago, announced it had won Vidal Sassoon and Pert Plus, as well as strategic work for P&G’s corporate site,
All of the new projects add up to what looks to be a stronger Internet presence for P&G in 1999. Much of the decision-making will be handled by the P&G interactive marketing group, which acts as research and development consultants for the individual brands.
Vivienne Bechtold, associate director of interactive marketing, said that in addition to new ad models, P&G will try online sampling and study broadband and convergence issues.
Some in the industry have criticized P&G’s push for more interstitials and other large ad formats as being anti-banner, but Bechtold countered that view. “I don’t think Procter and Gamble is really anti-banner,” she explained. “It isn’t necessarily an effective ad model for what we’re trying to do online.”