IQ News: Nickleodeon's "You're On" To Converge TV And Online Content

Nickelodeon this week launches its latest convergence project, an online show corresponding to the network’s You’re On!, set to launch August 3 on TV.
You’re On! is a hidden camera comedy game show in which kids try to get unsuspecting subjects to do strange things such as kiss a fish. On kids can watch the “dares” that are presented and vote on how many they think will actually be completed. Based on voting online and successful predictions, participants will be entered in a contest to win a T-shirt.
The “You’re On!” Web program comes as the Nickelodeon network is conceiving complementary online programming with all of its TV shows. “The nice thing about convergence is you’re not just sending people back and forth between online and the network,” said Kris Bagwell, senior vice president and general manager of Nickelodeon Media Works, the network division that oversees print and online ventures. “Integrated programming also makes the promotion more natural.”
Nickelodeon Online first ran online programming tied to the network in 1995, when the MTV Networks division launched a site on America Online. On AOL, Nick ran polling and behind-the-scenes chats for The Big Help-a-Thon, an on-air community volunteer campaign for kids. You’re On! resides on, not AOL.
This week the network will run on-air promos for You’re On! telling kids to check out Nick’s newest game show online before it launches on the cable channel. Once the show begins to air, a narrator will direct kids to the Web site at the end of each episode with hints about what’s coming up.
Nickelodeon believes online programming helps build a following for new shows and also creates a new experience. “ is an extension of the Nickelodeon world,” Bagwell said.
This fall Nickelodeon is extending its prime-time programming to be dubbed Nickel-O-Zone from a half-hour segment starting at 8 to a full hour. An animated host called “O” will introduce segments, tell jokes and send shout-out messages from kids. All of these ideas will come from Nick Online, where kids will be able to make suggestions.