IQ News: New York Company Takes AIM at Affinity-Based ISPs

American Interactive Media, New York, this week is launching new affinity-based ISPs, which will be supported with offline promotions by Silicon Alley’s Eisnor Interactive.
Michael Salaman, senior vice president of AIM, said the company offers organizations the chance to reach consumers through a private label Internet access product and content that is branded as a portal. Pricing for the service will depend on the affinity group that is selling it. AIM will put together the back-end and advertise each ISP through a combination of online campaigns, telemarketing, direct mail and print.
The goal is to be “the MBNA of Internet access,” Salaman said, citing MBNA’s credit cards that are similarly personalized. Clients for the ISP product include banks, credit card companies, professional sports teams and charitable and non-profit organizations. ISPs in each category will launch during the first half of this year.
Debuting in the next two weeks are ISPs for the Preferred Consumer Network, an organization with about 400,000 credit card holders, and World Championship Wrestling, home of wrestlers Bill Goldberg and Hulk Hogan.
To promote PCN, Eisnor will ship disks with the software to 100,000 subscribers who also can enter a sweepstakes to pay off their credit card debt.
“It’s the whole idea of access and commerce feeding each other,” said Di-Ann Eisnor, CEO of Eisnor Interactive. “The whole concept of an affinity-based ISP is a lot more targeted marketing.”
For the WCW, Eisnor also will distribute CDs featuring Goldberg. “We’re not testing it through focus groups, but we’re finding really cost effective ways to test it live,” Eisnor said.
Salaman said upcoming ISPs include one for Canadian auction site By aggregating the groups, Salaman said, the cost to acquire subscribers is lowered. “We already know who our market is, we know where they live and have a database.”