Iq News: Netweb Gets Smart: Company To Rename Itself Smartage

NetWeb Corp., which was launched in January by former Softbank Forums CEO William Lohse, will next week change its name to SmartAge and unveil its first round of services. The San Francisco-based company will continue in its mission to provide Internet services for small businesses.
SmartClicks, a banner exchange network that Lohse bought earlier this year, will be the first service. SmartClicks is a free service in which members offer page views on their Web sites in exchange for advertising by other members. “For a new company on the Net attempting to win, what does it need?” Lohse said. “Traffic. An ad banner exchange that allows us to build and deliver traffic seems like the best way to reach customers.” Partners will also be able to sell the banner exchange under their own names and then provide SmartAge with a database of businesses that participate.
The next services SmartAge will launch are called SmartAge Rank and SmartAge Watch. SmartAge Watch allows sites to find out how well they are performing live, monitoring factors such as how fast they are loading when users call them up. SmartAge Rank submits companies’ Web addresses to at least five search engines and tracks how often search engines are listing them on a weekly basis. Yahoo, Infoseek, Lycos and LookSmart have all committed to being involved with SmartAge Rank.
Lohse said the company plans to offer 10 to 12 services by the end of the year. In addition to selling its services, SmartAge will also sell advertising within the SmartClicks network, which will operate similarly to DoubleClick. Forthcoming services will be either designed in-house or acquired. “SmartAge bought SmartClicks and built Watch and Rank,” Lohse said. “We hope to buy and build other things and partner with other companies to provide services.”