IQ News: Lycos Comes Knocking: Unveils Syndication Plan

Lycos today announces the launch of Lycos Network Services, a renamed and enhanced co-branding program that leverages Lycos’ August acquisition of Internet directory WhoWhere.
While portals such as Yahoo! and Excite aggregate content and services into one place, Lycos Network Services, formerly Lycos Affiliates Program, will provide content and services to special interest sites in a syndication-style distribution plan.
Waltham, Mass.-based Lycos already offers e-mail, homepages and directories to 80 “affiliate” sites. The Network Services program adds Lycos search, Web guides and personalization features.
“People are starting to expect services like search, e-mail, homepages and Web guides from their special interest sites,” said Mike Armistead, vice president, general manager of WhoWhere. “The model we have will create a lasting brand.”
The purchase of Mountain View, Calif.-based WhoWhere was the latest in a shopping spree that brought personal homepage community Tripod, Williamstown, Mass., and Wired Digital, San Francisco, into the Lycos family, as it evolved from a search engine to a suite of portable services.
“Our goal is to create a seamless network for partners and ourselves,” said Darr Aley, vice president of business development. That includes such features as user registration for Lycos services which can be tied into a site’s existing registration system. This is used to target ads on Lycos-provided pages, which are sold and served by Lycos, with revenue shared by sites. Advertisers can buy a demographic across multiple sites, and smaller sites get access to advertisers.
Separately, Lycos signed affiliates including EarthLink, Pasadena, Calif.; Juno Online Services, New York; The New York Times site; and PC World, San Francisco.