IQ News: Buttons Up Lilith Fair Tour Sponsorship

In a drive to become one of a “handful of corporate destination sites” on the Web, Levi Strauss & Co., San Francisco, is looking to build a following for the new-look in some wide open places this summer. The apparel company is running online sponsorships of two summer concert tours–Lilith Fair and the Aware Tour–to build some crucial momentum for the sagging brand both at the cash register and online. The site was due to relaunch late last week.
“Without trying to be an online music resource, we’re going to concentrate on the accomplishments of emerging artists,” said Jay Thomas, director of digital marketing for the Levi’s brand. The emphasis on music and youth culture will be evident throughout the site in major content sections such as “Webumentaries,” cyber documentaries of lesser-known individuals, and in “Backstage,” which is dedicated to Levi’s sponsored artists and events.
Levi’s plans to build momentum for the Sarah McLachlan-conceived Lilith Fair on its site well before the first tour date, scheduled for June, 20. For example, women-fronted acts can submit videos and register on the site to win the chance to perform at one of the venues. The relaunched site, co-developed by CKS Partners, Organic Online, Miller/Huber Relationship Marketing, all San Francisco, and NBC Digital Productions, N.Y., will be promoted on “partner” sites, such as MTV Online and SonicNet, said Thomas. In a break from the past, the apparel brand also will utilize its upcoming advertising campaign, via TBWA Chiat/Day, San Francisco, to raise interest in the site.