IQ News: Latitude90 Beefs Up Internet Sales Offerings

Ad rep firm Latitude90, which to date has represented a relatively small sampling of about 20 sites, has created four new sales channels and will begin to sell ads in a network model.
Individual Web site sales will be under the new heading of L90 Premium, for which Los Angeles-based Latitude90 will sell traditional banner packages as well as sweepstakes, promotions, and content integration, which CEO John Bohan says generate higher click-throughs. Sites include 100Hot, and Fitness Online.
iVillage, New York, started with an online media buy on Fitness Online and, through L90 Premium, has extended the deal to include four half-page ads in Shape magazine during the fourth quarter. “It’s the kind of media relationships we like to have, which go beyond banners and there’s some content integration and some offline exposure as well,” said iVillage advertising director Hillary Graves.
Another new sales channel, L90 Targeted, allows advertisers to buy in 12 categories. Buys for the new L90 R&E (“reach” and “efficiency”) are placed across the group of about 50 sites. Additionally, “We found a number of advertisers interested in name acquisition programs” and other direct marketing formats, Bohan said. As such, the company has created L90 D.m., a direct marketing channel for e-mail, opt-in registration and customized name acquisition pop-up windows and interstitials.
Latitude90 also signed new clients CDnow and click2send, which offers a format to send large files over the Net. ƒ