IQ News: “Latest” Word

On Banner Ads
Online marketing company Word of Net next week launches banner campaigns for Variety and Forbes as part of its new, “latest headline” affiliate program.
The option scrolls headlines from publishers’ sites in banners using a Java application. If Variety runs a banner on a site highlighting its Academy Award coverage, for example, consumers who click on it go directly to Variety’s Oscar coverage.
CEO Eric Sanders said the program was developed when Variety wanted to drive traffic while extending their brand. “It’s an affiliate marketing program brought to the media and content world,” he said. “We provide the technology that puts this ticker up and pull headline content from our clients’ sites.”
The Variety banners will launch on the Hollywood Stock Exchange, and the Forbes campaign will run on business sites. Banners for The New York Times on the Web currently are running on such sites as Yahoo! and Lycos.
Greg Zorthian, vice president of business development for Forbes, said the program generates qualified traffic. “It’s a specific interest, so you know they’re involved with your site,” he said.
The Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based Word of Net handles media planning and provides reporting; it gets paid per click-through, splitting revenue with the sites that run the ads. Clients set the amount, with a 20 cents per-click minimum.
–Adrienne Mand