IQ News: Last Web Site For 500 Miles

Excepting, perhaps, drivers with onboard computers, people in cars would seem an unlikely target for a web campaign. But that’s something the Creative Department, Cincinnati, Ohio, hopes to change through an outdoor advertising campaign geared at driving customers online to purchase products.
Twenty-one billboards began appearing in greater Cincinnati Feb. 23 touting a fake product–adoptable, mutant animals–to test the “e/ffective Media” concept. The boards include the URL, which consumers can access to learn more. The agency also owns similar names, such as and, which it hopes to lease to companies on a quarterly basis as e-commerce sites.
But does seeing a URL at 65 mph motivate people to jump on the Web once they get home?
“The key is, first of all, designing a board that attracts their attention,” said Steve Deiters, a writer and partner at the Creative Shop. The URLs include a “call to action” he said, adding, “It’s very simple, but intriguing nonetheless.”
Companies with Web sites that are not developed enough to include commerce are potential clients for similar billboard-driven campaigns. For them, he offers “ultimate little Web selling machines.”
“We see national consumer goods companies, any companies that already have an established product and established channels of distribution,” he said.
Prices for the sites are based on estimated hits, he said, probably between $30,000 and $40,000 per 13-week period. –Adrienne Mand

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