IQ News: Kodak Focuses Its Online Image

As part of its first media plan for the Internet, Kodak has signed two one-year Web sponsorship deals. Beginning this week, Kodak-sponsored content will appear on HotWired and The Knot, a wedding-oriented Web site.
The HotWired deal reflects Kodak’s “Take Pictures. Farther” campaign and includes banner rotation, keyword-based ads, microsites and a new “premiere merchant” spot on HotBot. Mike Pagano, director of Internet communications at the Rochester, N.Y.-based film maker, said the package was created to reach an audience that is multimedia aware. “We think we ‘get it’ online,” he said. “Now, it’s about developing a marketing channel.”
To that end, Kodak has created a microsite in the Webmonkey section of HotWired that will serve as a tutorial on integrating photographs and multimedia. Kodak has also sponsored HotWired member pages and created a microsite on its own Pagano called the online portion the “perfect pilot program” because of the site’s 650,000 registered users and the services HotWired will provide, such as reports on keyword, content sponsorship and banner performance.
While pursing Wired’s cyber-savvy audience, Kodak will also maintain an online campaign to reach a more mainstream consumer, through a deal with The Knot.
A Kodak-sponsored database of approved wedding photographers called The Wedding Photographers Network will be searchable by geographic location, photographic style or fee range. The photographers’ portfolios are stored online.The service will be marketed by email to registered Knot users and potentially in a print campaign this fall.
-with Anya Sacharow