IQ News: IQ data – Online Teen Scrimmage: Boys vs. Girls

Who says girls don’t like sports? Internet statistics, for one. According to Media Metrix, teen boys are almost twice as likely to visit sports-oriented sites as teen girls. While the clear favorite among all teens visiting sports sites is America Online’s sports channel, ESPN and Sportsline USA are neck and neck for the no. 2 slot. Upstart Fox Sports Online may currently be the underdog, but don’t count it out yet. The site went through a comprehensive redesign and relaunch last week, just in time for the NFL season kick off.
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Unique Visitors for Sports Sites, Home/Work (000s)
SITE Males 12-17 feMales 12-17
july 1999
Total Users 3,095 1,800
AOL Sports 495 209
ESPN 170 36
Sportsline USA 183 36 50 21
FOX Sports 33 4
may 1999
Total Users 3,118 1,959
AOL Sports 540 232
ESPN 185 37
Sportsline USA 90 53 72 25
FOX Sports 14 3