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Let the Force Be Online with You
Star Wars: The Web Phenomenon opened to large online audiences several months ago, and now, is going through its second peak of interest as the movie opens. Therefore, the data below detailing traffic at three sites carrying information about the movie says as much about the film’s exhausting hype as this past weekend’s box office receipts. Two of the sites, and the official Star Wars site, Star, featured a QuickTime trailer, and have obviously benefited immensely from the interest it generated. But there aren’t that many other movies that would gain as much from putting their trailer on the Web more than two months before the movie’s release. The Force is still The Force.

Average Daily Unique Visitors to Star Wars Sites (000s)

Average daily unique visitors is the estimated seven day average
number (expressed in thousands) of different individuals that accessed the Web content of a specific site in a single day among the total
number of projected indiduals using the Web during the past 30 days. More than 40,000 individuals throughout the U.S. participate in the Media Metrix sample.