IQ News: InterVU Launches Video Banners

San Diego, Calif.-based InterVU, a developer of streaming video technology, launched video advertising banners on the World Wide Web last week.
InterVU’s “V-banner” technology allows a short video clip to play within a banner. InterVU banners can be viewed via any Web browser without additional plug-ins, in part because the company delivers banners that use its technology from its own network of servers, said Doug Augustine, InterVU’s vice president of marketing and sales. The company’s network also allows it to deliver video automatically based on the speed of the end-user’s Internet connection. In exchange for its services, InterVU charges advertisers a $10 CPM, no matter which site each banner appears on.
Foote Cone & Belding in San Francisco is the first agency to use InterVU’s V-banners. The agency’s sports marketing division has created V-banners for its client Goldwin Golf, Carlsbad, Calif. that are now running on, the Golf Magazine Web site.
Thus far, FCB is reporting positive results. According to Keith Bruce, vice president of FCB Sports Marketing, the banners have been enticing enough to attain click-through rates three to four times higher than the average one of around 2 percent. Bruce expects click-through rates to stay high even after users become accustomed to seeing V-banners.
The company’s ultimate goal is to use V-banners to “allow national advertisers, who might not have been on the Web before to bring their national branding campaign right to the Web,” said InterVU account executive John DeTar.
–John Spooner