IQ News: Intel Breaks Online Campaign

Intel Corp. is launching its largest online advertising sponsorship to date as part of a new campaign that starts today. The online portion is strategically timed with the new TV campaign for the Pentium II Processor. “It’s the most amount of money we’ve spent on an online effort,” said Shawn Conly, interactive advertising manager for Intel.
The sponsorship will run on MTV Online, InterZine, MPlayer, GameSpot, RGB Gallery on HotWired and Hollywood Online. The campaign runs through the end of the year and stars what Intel calls the “bunny people,” the characters wearing protective, astronaut-like suits who are featured in the company’s advertising.
Intel invited some 50 Web sites to pitch proposals to the company on how their sites’ content could best showcase Pentium II Processor technology. The goal was “to demonstrate multimedia capabilities on the Web in a compelling way,” Conly said.
Euro RSCG Dahlin Smith White, Intel’s agency of record, created some icons surrounding the bunny people, but the sites will design content behind Intel’s sponsorship. MTV Online will run new programming called MTV’s Live Show Online, RGB Gallery will incorporate multimedia art and InterZine will run a tip of the week across its network on iGOLF, iSKI, iRACE, iBIKE and Snowboarding Online.
A sweepstakes component to build awareness for Intel’s Pentium II Processor will last through the end of October. The contest, called the Pentium II Processor World Expedition, will require users to go through each of the sites. Aside from banner ads and the sweepstakes, a navigation bar will be incorporated into the campaign to help users get from site to site. “Companies buying advertising and sponsorships have never linked them before,” said Peter Moritz, vice president of sales at InterZine.–AS