IQ News: IBM Nourishes Area on Feed

Online magazine Feed, located at, signed IBM to sponsor a three-month series about technology visionaries. IBM made a five-month commitment to run banners on the site and then have a sponsorship presence with a tag logo on the home page of the series, which runs from September to November. This is the first major content sponsorship ever to appear on Feed, which has usually involved advertisers on the site in other ways.
The first installment of the series will be on Vannevar Bush, an American army scientist who wrote a groundbreaking essay on technology in 1945 called “As We May Think.” The essay will be excerpted, with commentary from Esther Dyson, president of EDventure Holdings, and author Michael Joyce.
Because of its strong literary base, one of Feed’s largest advertisers has been, which has an exclusive relationship with Feed as a link for online book sales. Stefanie Syman, executive editor and co-founder of the site, hopes to grow the relationship to include sponsorships as well. Though Feed is a small site with about 40,000 visitors per month and 450,000 monthly page impressions, advertisers such as have been “attentive to why Feed is a good place to be,” Syman said. Other major Feed advertisers include Microsoft’s Slate and Mungo Park, Tanqueray, The New York Times Online and Music Boulevard.
Syman said she hopes that with additional knowledge about the Internet, more consumer marketers might begin to advertise on the site. “The big national brands need the most attention,” Syman explained. “You need to spend time educating them.”
–Anya Sacharow