IQ News: Guidance Gears Up For New Focus, Identity

Guidance Solutions is undergoing a metamorphosis designed to change the e-commerce solutions company from a fee-for-service model to an equity-sharing one. The Marina del Rey, Calif.-based company is dropping the “Solutions” from its moniker and will focus on offering wannabe dot.coms its e-commerce expertise in return for an ownership stake.
All partnerships will be with firms that are pre-IPO or pre-sale. Since Guidance is 90 percent employee-owned, with no VC funding, profits go back to the 135-member staff. “Everybody is rooting for our businesses because if the companies are successful, we all benefit,” said Robert Landes, chief executive of Guidance, which will work for cost-plus-overhead until a site is profitable and then take a portion of the profits thereafter.
Founded in 1993, Guidance began as a systems integrator for a Fortune 500 client list that included IBM, Bank of America, Boeing and Taco Bell, among others. Guidance first began forging Net venture partnerships with established and startup companies in 1996.
Current ventures include,,,, and
Guidance is planning its first ad effort–a print campaign in various trade and consumer business publications, via Santa Monica-based Baker Designed Communications–for first quarter 2000. The Guidance site will re-launch with its new logo and identity on Nov. 1.

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