IQ News: GoTo Integrates Search Results into Affiliate Sites

GoTo, the search service on which sites bid for placement and the amount of the bids are revealed to searchers, today announced an extension to its Search Syndication Network, a product that lets even little sites make money off search by including GoTo search capabilities within their sites.
There are now two different options, both of which place a co-branded GoTo search box on the affiliate’s site. The new Integrated Search displays the search results on the affiliate site, thereby permitting the Web publisher to retain visitors. This option also lets the publisher sell banner advertising on that page, which can be tied to key words in the search.
“Affiliates find their customers are going to portals to do searches,” said GoTo CEO Jeffrey Brewer. “Since we make money off the search results themselves, we’re incented to think about our service as a network and therefore syndicate our search offering to sites around the Net.” With the affiliate network, “We’ll have more search and therefore more traffic for our own advertisers [who pay for placement].”
The original offering of the Search Syndication Network, Search-in-a-Box, takes searchers who enter a query on an affiliate site to a results page on Affiliates choosing this option earn $0.02 per search. The company says 50,000 sites are members of the Syndication Network.
To facilitate the integrated service, Pasadena-based GoTo has hired ad network 24/7 Media, New York, to provide banner ad sales to interested affiliates. ƒ