IQ News: Going Once, Going Twice: Lycos Launches Auctions

The Waltham, Mass.-based Lycos Network is finally succumbing to online auction fever. Beginning today, Lycos will integrate auctions into its Lycos and Tripod Networks of Web sites.
The two auction services, located at and, will share listings and feature 7,000 to 8,000 items at launch. Additionally, Tripod community members will be able to list items they wish to auction directly on their personal homepages and Lycos users can place listings on their personal guides.
“This is really an extension of our e-commerce offering,” said Rebecca Foisy, product manager, e-commerce at Tripod. “We’re helping our visitors buy and sell things, but we’re also helping our advertising partners with another channel to sell their items through Lycos besides banner advertising. I think that’s a strong and compelling offering to two audiences that are really important to us.”
Foisy said that also beginning today, auction-enabling tools will be integrated into Tripod’s homepage builder, making it easier for Tripod members to buy and sell items to each other. While the inventory for the auctions will be shared through both main auctions sites, the two points of entry, according to Foisy, “will have similar functionality, but have a different look and feel.”
“We have a really big advantage because we’ve already been working with a lot of e-commerce partners and advertisers online,” said Laurie Cutts, product manager, e-commerce at Lycos. “This just gives us an advantage over some auction sites that are out there.”
Cutts and Foisy said a new microsite program would help merchants create private label auction sites that link from listings provided in the general Lycos/Tripod auction sites, giving sellers the option to customize their offerings.
The service also includes an Internet auction search, a “find auctions near me” search, which allow users to find items based on the seller’s proximity, and an auction agent that will e-mail potential buyers when an item of interest comes up for bid.