IQ News: Gator Attacks

Surfing Hassles, a San Mateo, Calif.-based technology company, is promising to take some of the hassle out of surfing the net. Its Gator tool, downloadable free as of today, allows consumers to enter basic information – name, address, credit card numbers, passwords, usernames, etc. – and then automatically downloads the information to e-commerce sites, or any sites that require log-ins or registration.
The uses for the tool are far reaching, according to CEO Jeff McFadden. In addition to spurring e-commerce sales, Gator will allow users to personalize everything from gift registries to “Web Watcher” databases that search and report back on items a consumer wants to buy. will eventually offer opt-in direct marketing, allowing merchants to accurately target users, for a price. (For example, a user surfing a clothing site could be wooed with paid ads touting a sale on another retailer’s site, effectively drawing users from one site to spend money on another.) Another revenue stream: market research data is captured in aggregate and sold to marketers. The Gator tool will eventually be ad-supported. will support Gator Version 1.0 with a banner campaign via P3M
Paradigm Three Marketing, Los Gatos, Calif. – Sloane Lucas