IQ News: Frankfurt Balkind Produces for MSN

Most ad agencies who work with Microsoft Network content themselves with making ads. But Frankfurt Balkind, New York, launched a new “show” on MSN last week titled “Forever Cool.” Targeted at baby boomers, the show is part linear drama, part community and part resource. It is sponsored by Citibank.
Created originally by Jeffry Adelman, president and ceo of interactive studio, “Forever Cool” is a collaboration that included Frankfurt, which carried out the design and technology and developed the concept with Adelman. “I felt no [media] was really addressing the issues and concerns of baby boomers as they’re getting older,” explained Adelman.
Each two-week episode offers a choice of two documentaries, covering topics such as how baby boomers view retirement, using both filmmakers and photojournalists to produce each program. The result is a series of black-and-white stills supported by RealAudio that leave users with the feeling they are watching video, while circumventing bandwidth issues and keeping the production quality high. The show is made interactive by interrupting the documentaries at certain points, when users can offer opinions on the scenario.
The series is currently slated for a 26-week run, although there is an option to continue beyond that date. The launch of “Forever Cool” marks the second time that Frankfurt has worked on content for MSN. Its Los Angeles office had created “Dreamsheet,” a Twins Peak-style online soap opera. “Forever Cool” is also Adelman’s second show. “Aqui,” a site linking Latin American kids with North American kids, ran on MSN last summer.–Laura Rich