IQ News: Migrates From Down Under

Internet marketing and publishing firm is expanding its network of localized community, commerce and content Web sites from its previous home base in Australia to the U.S.
According to president and CEO Noel Miller, is finalizing both initial funding and partnership agreements with a soon-to-be-named radio network on the East Coast and an ISP on the West Coast, among other deals.
Founded in Brisbane, Australia, the company has now moved its corporate operations to Boulder, Colo. offers local businesses and media outlets, such as local radio and television affiliates, the opportunity to establish co-branded Web presences affordably and quickly through a suite of Web publishing tools and services, including Ezystore, a proprietary online catalog building tool that allows vendors of any size to create e-stores.
Unlike online local entertainment and commerce guides, like the newly merged behemoth CitySearch-Sidewalk, eschews major metropolitan areas and focuses instead on surrounding suburban and small-town markets.
Miller said is addressing the needs of content creators and merchants, as well as advertisers, in a market that largely has been ignored.
“We see this, in the long term, as a perfect opportunity for local businesses to get online,” said Miller. “There’s a lot of local advertising that will occur in these areas.”
Miller added that bilingual versions of sites easily could be created through’s publishing system and advertisers could choose placement of their ads either through geographic distribution or through site categories called “COINS,” or community interest groups. Plus, local vendors looking to sell beyond their local regions could get global visibility, if they wanted it.
“If you’re a business that feels like it can serve a global market, you can be visible through our sites,” said Miller. “It’s all about putting businesses in an area where they are going to be found and attract the right customers.” has satellite offices in Australia, the U.K. and Taiwan, and has created Web sites for 455 cities and towns globally.
–Kipp Cheng