IQ News: DVCI Buys Two Neighbors

In an effort to expand beyond its New Jersey roots, Morristown-based Dugan Valva Contess Interactive (DVCI) is in the process of acquiring two Web specialty shops, Muffin-Head Productions and Visient Corp., for a combined price tag of over $10 million.
DVCI, an arm of promotional marketing specialists Dugan Valva Contess, will now have a Web business that measures $12 million in revenue and boasts a client base that includes Coca-Cola, Toys “R” Us and AT&T, among others. Visient, Parsippany, N.J., is a high-end technology firm specializing in training personnel on information technology matters, and building corporate intranets and databases tied to electronic commerce. Visient provided the order-fulfillment capabilities for Toys “R” Us’ new transactional site.
Muffin-Head, a New York design shop, has built a Web site for JVC Digital and kiosks and CD-ROMs for The Beauty Shoppe and Clarins, respectively.
The deals should be finalized by Dec. 1, said George Valva, president and chief executive officer of Dugan Valva Contess. He added that the three companies would eventually be consolidated. Further deals could be in the works as DVCI seeks to expand across the country and generate more business from clients interested in site construction plus commerce and online promotions. DVCI recently developed ARIES, a new technology for exhibiting “rich media” ads on broadband Internet services such as Home Network.
Dugan Valva Contess, a promotions marketing shop with $250 million in capitalized billings, has fed DVCI a number of its clients including AT&T and Pfizer. Only online music retailer CDnow has anointed DVCI its online promo shop of record. Angling for more AOR clients, DVCI has begun collaborating with its new partners on business pitches, said Paul Ivans, president of DVCI.
The acquisitions will give DVCI some expertise pitching new types of clients, including financial brokerage firms and cosmetics and fashion companies through Visient and Muffin-Head, respectively, Ivans said. With the acquisitions, DVCI expands from 30 to nearly 100 employees.