IQ News: DoubleClick Divides – 6 New Units Emerge

Advertising solutions firm DoubleClick has reorganized its media wing, DoubleClick Network, to establish six vertical divisions to better position its sales teams as experts in specific advertising segments.
The six channels are automotive, business, travel, women and health, entertainment and youth and technology. More channels may be broken out as needed, such as sports, which currently is under entertainment and youth.
Advertisers and sites in the DoubleClick Network now are being served by a beefed-up and retrained sales team, with reps dedicated to only one field. Each vertical network has its own ad sales and business development team, and is headed by a “publisher” who oversees sales across the segment as well as affiliate relations within that segment.
Prior to the restructuring, New York-based DoubleClick had been divided by function into three areas: ad sales, sponsorship sales and affiliate relations. An advertiser calling in blind, for example, would be directed to ad sales. The representative who fielded the call would be charged with being a jack-of-all-trades, becoming an ad hoc expert on, say, travel, if the advertiser wanted to advertise across travel sites.
Each subnetwork now has a research team and intranet channel to keep the sales staff and publishers up to date on the latest information in their fields.
The reorganization, which was announced internally this spring, was in a holding pattern until the number of staffers reached “critical mass,” said Wenda Harris Millard, executive vice president and general manager of DoubleClick Network. Once the Network hit 250 sales representatives, Millard said, the company could be subdivided.
“People look at us now and we’re not just an amorphous network,” said Millard. “Expertise is always a winning strategy, and vertical expertise is power.”
DoubleClick Network currently claims 3,600 advertisers in the network. The company offers them a collection of highly trafficked and branded sites, including AltaVista, Dilbert and Macromedia, a total of about 150 sites domestically and some 500 sites overseas.