IQ News: Doner Hires Kogler To Target Dot-coms

To date, the shop’s online line-up includes, worth approximately $15 million in offline and online advertising, which Doner won this summer. Leo Burnett’s Starcom handles media. Doner also handles, billings for which are about $50 million.
Doner chairman and CEO Alan Kalter says the shop will not spin its interactive staffers into their own group: “I want all of our creative people, account people, media and planning people to be on top of this medium and all the opportunities that exist–not have it off in some corner. Stefan shares this vision.”
Kogler got his start at Doner in 1988 as an intern, and moved up the ranks to become a producer. He eventually left and created interactive education software for Safer Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps transition ex-offenders into society.
Kogler also spent five years at Calumet College of St. Joseph in Whiting, Ill., where he served as chair of the multimedia and communications department. He left that post a year ago and began working with Doner on a project basis on both interactive and online assignments for clients such as Mazda North American Operations–for which he helped develop a CD-ROM magazine for the launch of the 1999 Protege for Mazda North American Operation–Pediacare, Eckerd Drug, and Iams. He has also helped pitch new business.
Kogler will help Doner go after dot-coms not only for online and offline advertising, but for brand consulting assignments that could include helping to build sites. Doner plans to assign interactive producers to every dotcom client; these producers will be involved with both the account management and creative departments. Their goal, according to Kogler, will be to help to integrate online and offline efforts, even if Doner needs to outsource to fill all a client’s needs. Says Kogler: “We’re trying both to be a resource, and bring the best resources together.”