IQ news: Developers Wooed With Ad-Serving Tool this week begins licensing its ad-serving “Browser Headline” technology to software developers for free, allowing developers to share revenue from ads served via the Web3000 AdNetwork, and giving more ad reach.’s Browser Headline technology serves small, text-only ads in unused space on a user’s browser. Developers are encouraged to embed the technology in their software offerings as a means to earn revenue; users are told at download that they are opting in to the browser ads, a trade-off for free technology., Redmond, Wash. claims 3 million users from its own NetSonic software, which helps speed Internet access.
The ads require very little bandwidth, and are easy for advertisers and agencies to create on the fly. Some agencies whose clients have used the Web3000 network include Mediaplex, San Francisco, and Seattle-based Avenue A. Current advertisers include Microsoft’s Expedia and Microsoft Network, Datek and
Gene Kavner, president and CEO, said the firm is in talks with more than a half-dozen developers about embedding the technology into their downloads.
The Web3000 AdNetwork serves Browser Headline ads from a central location, which also collects user data.’s site-sensing TargetSite technology also can deliver ads to advertiser-specified sites, including competitors. The firm also serves e-mails for direct marketing.