IQ News: Deadline

24/7 Ups Stream
RealNetworks, Seattle, has partnered with online ad network 24/7 Media, New York, to create an ad network of sites that support streaming audio and video, also known as “rich media.” 24/7 will sell ads, using RealNetworks’ technology such as RealAudio and RealVideo. RealNetworks will promote 24/7’s rich media channel to its customers and ad agency affiliates. Real Networks has also started a Site Partner Program promoting sites that are rich media enabled to interactive shops.
NY Today, Literally
The New York Times Electronic Media Company, New York, is expected to launch its next-generation city guide site, New York Today, today. The site promises to be a utilitarian and service-oriented guide for New Yorkers to cope with life in the Big Apple.
Net Ads to Launch
Magnet Interactive Communications, Washington, today launches a campaign for a new breakfast cereal, Kellogg’s Smart Start, from the Battle Creek, Mich.-based cereal maker Cone Communications, Boston, coordinated an online and offline recruitment campaign starting today for Tripod, Williamstown, Mass. On June 22, ads break for WaveTop, a desktop computer broadcast service created by Phoenix-based WavePhore. The $2 million online and print campaign is from K2 Design, New York.