IQ News: Deadline

WebTV Wanna-bes
A bevy of WebTV competitors emerged last week at Comdex in Las Vegas. Web Surfer, a Canadian brand, will make its debut early next year. For around $299, the package will include a wireless keyboard, word processing and Internet telephony. Zilog, Campbell, Calif., is manufacturing a set-top box and is looking for ISP’s and TV manufacturers to market it. A Norwegian company, HomePilot, is also trying to get in on the category, which plans to give consumers Internet access on TV via set-top box technology.

Ho! Ho! Yahoo!
In time for the Christmas season, Yahoo today will unveil a new search feature for Visa Shopping Guide by Yahoo. A product search now pulls up a spreadsheet of retailers’ online inventory, which includes such details as price, ordering fees and a link to order directly from the vendor’s site.

Free Email on iVillage
iVillage is instituting free, Internet-based email into its network as well as an online directory of email, residential phone listings and online personal publishing tools. WhoWhere?, a Mountain View, Calif.-based technology company, is providing the online tools for iVillage. AT&T, Home Network and Excite also license free email and personal publishing tools from WhoWhere. Some other prominent Web sites, such as Yahoo, also offer free email.