IQ News: Deadline


Dollars For Quote.Com
Datek, N.Y., signed a six-month deal to be exclusive sponsor of’s Subscriber Center this week., Mountain View, Calif., recently introduced a free 30-day trial to its service. Information about Datek and an account registration page will appear in the trial membership area on

More User Data
During a panel presentation at Internet World, L.A., last week, Mary Ann Packo, president of online measurement firm Media Metrix, Port Washington, N.Y., said that the company would begin to include computer type and connection speed in its reports of Web site traffic. Packo also reported that since the company began tracking business-based users, no noticeable difference between home and business user behavior has been apparent.

Aegis in America
Aegis, London, an advertising and marketing group, is expected to announce the acquisition of a U.S. Internet company. The company’s globalization strategy also includes acquisitions in Asia and Australia within the next six months.

No Word
Icon CMT Corp., N.Y., pulled the plug on e-zines Word and Charged last week because the company could not find a buyer. Icon said online publishing does not fit into its core ISP business.