IQ News: Deadline

Clicks That Pay Back
Online cost-per-click advertising company ValueClick, Santa Barbara, Calif., today will introduce a new payout structure that doubles the rates it pays to Web publishers who host ad banners for its advertisers. Previously, ValueClick paid publishers on a sliding scale ranging from 6 cents to 12 cents. The new plan offers payouts starting at 12 cents per click-through and climbing to 16 cents or more for high volume publishers.

Permanent Eyeballs
Web 21, Palo Alto, Calif., host of the list of popular sites, today will launch 100hot Surfboard, a service for online advertisers that installs a company’s logo and link directly into the permanent toolbar of a Web user’s browser. Participants include Ameritech and Hotel Discounts. The service works with current versions of Netscape Navigator and
Internet Explorer.

Software Co. Goes Live
Annuncio Software, Los Altos, Calif., today will launch the beta version of its flagship product, Annuncio Live, scheduled to ship mid-1999. Annuncio Live automates the Web marketing process, allowing marketers to define, deploy, track and analyze campaigns. Annuncio has formed a strategic partnership with Oracle, Redwood Shores, Calif., to integrate its application into Oracle Front Office products.